Case Of Better ROI

Khosla ka Ghosla is a real estate company established in Mumbai. Mumbai is known was its vast interest and investment in properties of any kind and so the builders became a part of the premium stakeholders of this real estate portal. The USP of this portal was to have one stop destination for all property related doubts and comparisons as per area, price and sometimes builders.

What was expected business goal?

  • Reach the expected ROI and present it to the stakeholders in dedicated timeline
  • Increase Organic Sessions by 400%
  • Increase ROI by 10

SEO Strategies

Connecting SEO KPIs to Business goals & initiatives

The most successful strategy with K2G real estate has been to publish authoritative reports analyzing real estate markets and local economies, and analyzing past results; create guides on investing in specific markets; and create geo-targeted landing pages that describe the investing climate in a particular city or region. The ROI approach was a blend of thought content marketing, technical SEO, conversion rate optimization, and data analytics. Monitoring the keyword that was ranking to keyword that needed ranking was one of the crucial KPIs. Web analytics gave a well-defined audience interaction on keywords that accelerated our performance on blog posting and having correct site structuring. My site structuring included builder brand subdomain, area subdomain and pricing subdomain. These were all driving the targeted audience. The webpages depth became a crucial factor in SERPs


There was an increase in ROI 12 times in matter of 15 months. Apart from the ROI the strategic increase in organic traffic increased by 81% especially during the time of Covid (Aug 2020.

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