Case of Brand Reach

About the company:

An educational institution that focused on distance learning across 5 different cities across Mumbai, India. SVC was setup in 1992, and since then had collaboration with various institutions and universities across India. They became the major exam center in Mumbai for all maximum correspondence courses and distant examinations. Some university included Vinayaka Missions University, Tamil Nadu, Swami Vivekanand Subharthi University, Meerut, Uttar radish, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth (University), Pune Maharashtra.

What was the expected business goal?

  • Webpage development as per regulations
  • Increase organic users by 500% in twelve months
  • Increase organic sessions by 500% in twelve months
  • SERPs ranking on 1st page
  • Ranking for 1000 keywords Report

SVC needed immense and constant small SEO and long term seo plans implemented. As they had associations with many Universities, every institution had a different regulation, examination structure, course curriculum and students involvements. As a website, the major setback was easy navigations, and handling redirects. SEO for educational institutions is critical to ensuring that the right students find your school and that they receive the appropriate information while on the website. Although SEO is often overlooked, it is a driving factor in online success. SEO efforts can in addition to ensuring that the school ranks higher than competitors for a specific Google search.

SEO Strategy

In a constant effort to improve the brand recognition and organic traffic, I planned to create a knowledge hub around the change in the regulations by government in education sector using the blogs section. The main strategies that I tried and was successful were structuring the data with schema mark ups of FAQs, be ready with high loads specifically during examinations and result dates. Being quick and prompt in updating the real time information as per government and universities guidelines. With required support from SVC’s content writers, I, managed to publish and rank a good amount of articles in a short span of time for specific keywords. Changes like title tags, header tags, URL structure, internal linking etc was implemented. Off-page consisted of getting links from external websites to increase the crawling, backlinks and Domain authority of the website. The major change that was updated when the government made some changes in the regulations in distance learning and lot of co-ordination and real time updates with universities helped us to rank more during the time of changes.


Due to constant content addition and technical implementation from SVC, I managed to increase the organic sessions by 567% for SVC’s website. In a span of eight months with combined efforts from SVC we were able to rank 68 keywords in the top 8 position in SERPS. The organic click rates increased to 39.4k during the changes in regulations by government and 73% new sessions more than usual sessions during the phase of new regulation.

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