Case Of International SEO
Siscaa -

About the company – Siscaa Carroms is one of leading manufacturers of Carrom Boards Carrom Coins and accessories. Siscaa Carrom in 6 years came to be associated with worldwide carrom tournaments. But back in 202o they realized the potential of direct sales can also be add on to the business. So targeting B2B and B2C became their goal. So here they were, with best quality products, supply and demand but still no leads or revenue returns as per their quality. What could be the potential reasons.

Me and Siscaa- The journey began when I, was introduced to their Marketing team by one of the “good clients” of theirs. It is always crucial to know, the point of the view about the client’s business. Their strengths, audience, goals and other factors. After couple of meeting, I could understand their core points as following

What was expected business goal?

  • Increase Brand Visibility by 100%
  • Increase in organic traffic by 70% in 6 months
  • Build their Brand Reputation
  • Increase in SERPS to 1st (which was on 5th page)

Audit Report / Challenges

The first thing that I came across is their website was a one page written website with typically, the name of the company and the domain, rest was a direct upload of a word file in their home page. Phew!!This website needed lots of improvement, before I could start SEO campaign. This took exactly 3 months. I was involved in the site structuring, architecture, layout for user experience. Once the website was ready my first step of SEO began.

Interconnected on page and off page = Brand Visbility

 The Audit:

The website was audited using an extensive audit checklist on different parameters and compared to competitors websites. There were many issues that needed to be addressed if the goal was to be achieved. Few issues were broken links, thin content, no structured data, lack of optimised images, no specific product detail, no link- building, no business listing, no schemas markups, no meta optimized title, descriptions.

Strategic approach of SEO: A step by step approach was necessary to achieve the target. Brand building and visibility needed Off- page strategies, To avoid bounce rate needed valuable user intended content and smooth UI and UX for lead generation.

  • ON Page SEO : My on page strategies included Content Creation for every product with correct user intended keyword which was combination of both long tailed and short tailed. The images and content had 50:50 ratio as it was a product oriented website. They needed correct optimization and loading speed. Every page was supplied with more than 800 They had the correct meta titles, descriptions and alt tags. Use of CTA was essential to increase the audience engagement. Every month a new sitemap was uploaded to give a flow to the bots. Internal links were created to have a better on page experience.
  • OFF Page: it is essential to have more external links and valuable blogs to have Brand For this purpose a social media person was hired and asked for product knowledge and awareness across media channels with correct optimization and linking to specific web page url. This grew brand visibility on media platforms. I set up a Google listing and got organic reviews within first 40 days, making the ratings

4.5 then. I also encouraged responding to comments, that proved beneficial. Increase in citation was my parallel focus in Off page. I was successful to have few news articles published digitally with our website link. Blogs and press release increased backlinks considerably.

  • Technical SEO: The speed of the website was 3 milliseconds. This is where the server and compressing images became essential. One of the crucial point was to host the website on a better hosting provider. Significant speed improvement was The images were compress to enhance the same. Apart from these, then AMP was increased to have more audience targeted than just the one on desktop.


The brand visibility increased by 78% in a span of 8 – 12 months. On few keywords the website ranked in other countries like Singapore, Korea, UAE and USA, thus the scope of international SEO was initiated. The company started ranking on1st page 5th position in SERPS. 165% increase in organic traffic. Audience engagement grew to 220%.

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